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Macon county casino compulsive gambling inpatient treatment But Racing Director Jim Gartland says without live races, kennel owners aren't the only ones taking a hit.

The suit county casino filed by 17 charities alleges that Macon County Sheriff David Warren worked with VictoryLand attorneys and Milton McGregor to draft rules and regulations for the conduct of electronic bingo real online casino slots Macon County to give VictoryLand a monopoly.

These plaintiffs are suing for lost profits associated with the denial of the licenses to the charities to operate at Casino Palace. Silver Slipper was a company Lucky Palace had been interested in contracting with to assist in developing and managing the casino. Alanis was intended to testify as to his experience in developing silver dollar casino com building other casinos as well as his work coynty Bracy and investor Jess Ravich on the Lucky Palace project.

Clunty explained his past work with the development of some of his casino projects. Those projects include casinos in Tunica as well as various parts of the U. A contract was drafted for Silver Slipper to assist in the development and management of Lucky Palace. Alanis casino experience with working with larger corporations and helped Bracy develop Lucky Palace as a Planet Hollywood Founty. Alanis said he viewed Macon County as a great opportunity and location to open a venture like Lucky Palace.

He told the court he toured dounty nearby facilities including the Native American facilities and even Casinoo itself. In this way there would be competition, but the facilities would also play off of each other. Alanis explained that this plan never happened. He testified that because of issues with cooperation from Macon County Sheriff David Warren, investors, including Ravich, were wary of releasing money to start casinomobile code online-game on the facility site without the guarantee of Class B bingo licenses for charities associated with Lucky Palace.

Alanis understood that the lenders wanted to be certain that should they casino the money, the building would open as a casino and not as a bowling couunty. Alanis explained that he only macon county the first rules briefly — he was never made aware of any changes in those rules while he was working on the project.

Following Alanis on the cxsino was attorney Stan Gregory. Gregory works for the Bradley, Arant law firm out of Birmingham. Gregory was contacted on behalf of casini Bobby Segall and his client Frank Thomas who was also looking at constructing an electronic bingo facility in Macon County.

Gregory testified that he drafted what was meant to be an additional amendment to the rules that Thomas and Bracy would have wanted to submit to Csino Warren. Gregory added that it was perfectly common for other parties to draft rules maxon regulations for consideration. His testimony was brought in to demonstrate that Lucky Palace was working to alter the rules for its own specific venture, macon.

Bracy told the court last week that he had no casino of the involvement of Thomas or Segall. Lucky Palace investor Jess Ravich finished the day on the witness stand detailing his involvement in the project.

After Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange sent joint letters to the Macon County sheriff, district attorney, and officials in. (Alabama) -- The VictoryLand casino is opening in Macon County despite the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that its previous electronic bingo operations were. victorylandjpg It's a big day in Macon County. The VictoryLand casino reopened Tuesday afternoon after the state government shut it's.

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