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Sierra dawn commanders casino gold tip casino host You are commenting using your WordPress. We are looking forward to this new arrival in and hoping for the same if not a better result. I see how much I changed from my first season to my second, and I can't even imagine the player I would be a third time around," she mused.

Sierra Sieerra Thomas may have commanderx it to the jury on Survivor: Game Changersbut it was a "rookie move" that kept her from winning the million. In com,anders attempt to solidify her alliance with Sarah, Thomas told her gole about her legacy advantage, which she could use as immunity when six castaways remained, unless she was voted out, in which case she could leave it for another player to use.

Sarah quickly took note of the second condition of the advantage, deciding to vote Sierra out in the hopes Sierra would still gift her the legacy which she did. ET spoke with Thomas on Thursday, the morning after her elimination, where she opened up about her decision to give Sarah the advantage after she voted her out, and how she became a possible target in the first place. There were a lot of moves that were solely my idea.

As for her final move in the game, willing her legacy advantage to Sarah, Thomas said it's still a sore subject. She and I had an hour conversation previous to me telling her. We were crying, we were getting emotional, fommanders you see it all over my face as I'm telling her.

I'm regretting it, I'm scared," she recalled. I maybe should have stopped at, 'Hey, I have sietra secret advantage, and it's a hidden immunity idol,' instead of, 'If you vote me out, Sierra dawn commanders casino gold going to give it to you. So Thomas should have kept that part a secret, but why still give the advantage to Sarah after she voted her out, instead of Brad, whom she had been working with for most of the season? It all came down to one moment.

The moment that I hear, 'Sierra, you're voted out of Survivor ,' I look at Brad, and the look on his face is nothing. It's not shock, it's nothing. It's kind of like a blank slate. I look at Sarah, and she's almost crying, and seemed so upset," she said. Like, he had to do it. He voted me out. Obviously Vold stuck true to her word, I'm going to give it to her. Sierra dawn commanders casino gold me and Sarah did have a relationship.

It's hard to see that, but we did. We talked every night, every morning," she shared. It was just that one split moment. She played me, and played me so well, because I believed it, and that determined where [the legacy advantage] was going. As for how Brad feels about Thomas' choice, she joked he's gardena casino giving her "crap about it.

I don't know what I was thinking. Obviously I wasn't thinking! Casno feel that is the big reason why I went home," she said. I'm going to shock everyone who doesn't think I deserve to be here, including myself! So I was like, 'I gotta make moves. I constantly have got to be playing,' whereas I maybe shouldn't have been so sassy and so extreme all sierra dawn commanders casino gold time.

Thomas -- who is rooting for Brad to make it all the way, though noted "there's just sjerra million different things that commandders happen" before the season comes to a close -- would love to come back for commanderss season to redeem herself.

I see how much I changed from my first season to my second, and I can't even imagine the player I would be a third time around," she mused. Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.

Sierra Dawn Thomas. Professional barrel racer, 3x national champion in rodeo, 2x CBS Survivor castaway, country girl who is attending firefighter school. Nagdagdag si/ang Whispering Pines Miniature Horse Farm ng 9 (na) bagong litrato sa album na: Sierra Dawn Commanders Casino Gold. SIERRA DAWN COMMANDERS CASINO GOLD “KENO” IS OWNED AND DRIVEN BY JAN GIBSON. HE IS SHOWN IN ROADSTER AND PLEASURE DRIVING.

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